GMC Officially H4x0r3d

Breaking news, a cracker has managed to gain access to Mark Overmars' GMC account and is posting crazy topics in the announcements forum and what not (not to mention the virus loaded emails). Apparrently the forum page(s) were also altered to include an iframe at the bottom which would download viruses/trojans onto a user's computer via internet explorer.
Here is a genuine screenshot of the cracker in action:

This post will be updated with further information soon.

Edit :: Chronic has announced that passwords have been changed as to prevent the cracker from regaining access to the GMC, but perhaps thats just the start of the problem, maybe there is a deeper issue we are over looking. Consider the possibility that these crackers have accessed information such as Database passwords, etc to crack into an account/forum settings & posts again.

Chronic is now feeling a little blue, or actually green.. as he explains at GMOT:

"As you may know.. the GMC was hacked, so please don't piss me off because i'm ready to turn green and smash down walls."

Edit 2 :: The Forum Is Now Offline! Please read the following statement by Chronic:

The GMC will be offline until futher notice.

Yesterday the forum was hacked with what we believe to be a forum exploit.

A member signed up and gained admin rights and changed the forum template to add an iframe at the bottom of each page.

This iframe took advantage of expliots in Internet Explorer and downloaded trojans and virus to anyone who viewed them.

A bulk email was also sent out which reached around 3000 people containing an exe that was also infected with a virus.

I promptly took the forum offline and patched the expliot and removed the iframe.

This is what i thought to be the end of the problem but today this has proven to be false. Around 2pm GMT, Mark Overmars forum account was hacked.

I urge you all, if you use the same password at this forum as other places, then change it in that other place as soon as possible.

I hope you understand the nature of this situation and understand if we have to start from new (it was planned any way remember 🙂 )

GMC Staff

Will be offline till further notice, post your comments!


8 Responses

  1. i think Chronic was hacked too. Yesterady, he was posting strange things, like saying we shouldn’t trace the hacker.

  2. Thats not strange things… he was saying that cause he doesn’t want users to get involved… If you realized, the email was actually sent by the GMC server, so if you reported it to the police… you’d be reporting the GMC hacking itself.. not just that, users can make mistakes, and wrongly accuse people etc. etc. I think chronic felt it best to keep the tracking to the Administrators.

  3. Geez.. every little thing i say ends up here.. ffs we may as well move the GMC and GMOT here.

  4. ehh, wouldnt it be MAxis? why else would the hacker be saying “Make MAxis a sig, or…”? MAxis is either the hacker, or a friend of the hacker. Trace the IP and find which user uses that IP account, and there you go.

  5. i just want to know when it will be back online, Chronic, when is it expected to get back online?

    do you know?

  6. Wait… What’s the problem?

    Just have the passwords of each of the accounts with any power beyond a normal member changed, check to see if any accounts were created by the hacker that have beyond member power and delete them, then temporarily suspend all who are suspected to be involved until further investigation takes place.

    Another thing I think that no one is paying much attention to is the fact that

    Finland games: It says that it will be offline UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Plus, this gives you the ability to do pure GM work without distractions from the GMC.

    Mariobros42: Three things: 1) if MAxis was the hacker and had access to the forum records, and he knew that tracing was possible, he would have either erased his account or at least his IP address log. 2) IP addresses aren’t infallible, he could have been using a proxy for long enough where the board wouldn’t have record of his real IP. 3) It might have been an enemy of MAxis, or someone who he had offended. If someone has the mental logicality (is it a word?) to be a hacker, then they are not dumb enough to give out their account while they are doing something illegal.


  7. oops, forgot to finish my thought. Here it is:

    Another thing that no one is paying much attention to is the fact that CAMD doesn’t have a name for this friend of his that he was conversing with. If he was asked for the name, either GMC, IM, or actual name, his story could be checked with CAMD’s, and this is what will happen. Either A) admit to hacking the forum, or to getting the hacking info from someone else, giving another clue as to another person who was involved, B) say that CAMD is lying, whilch means that CAMD either is the hacker, or knows who the hacker is, or C) CAMD will say he wants to “respect his friends privacy”. Anyone who has ever had even the smallest of conversations with him knows that this means that he would be lying and possibility B comes back into play.

  8. i just need help on some things for my games and want to get the GMC back up ASAP (As Soon As Possible)
    i have been working with a flight sim so i need help with the roll or whatever it is, i can get it to go up and down but not roll………

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