Something Different

Lets have a bit of a change today, instead of posting GM news why don’t we have a vote at the most common phrases/emoticons on the Game Maker Community Forums.
For each of the following groups, pick what you think is the most common, and if different pick which one makes you sound the most noobish.

Topic Titles

  1. How do i… / How do ya… / How do u…
  3. HELP ME!
  4. I dont no where to put this but…
  5. I know this is against the rules but…
  6. Come see before this topic gets locked!
  7. I feel like such a noob
  8. How do I make an mmorpg!?
  9. How do I make a 3D rts??


Post your votes! (As comments)


4 Responses

  1. Number 4 and 5. Ugh. i just hate people who assume they’re outside the rules. I just want to… kill… them… aargh…

  2. then what about 6?

  3. Yeah, but that doesn’t happen very often though…

  4. HELP ME

    I hate that one…..

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