So much for chronic hosting

Chronic, an Administrator at the GMC hosts his site with, your average not to cheap hosting provider. Now you'd think if you payed that much, you'd get premium services like 99% uptime. Apparently thats not the case, the server has been down for quite a long time now, as in a full day atleast and all without a word. Although Prime Hosting's site is semi-operational, it is incredibly slow, almost as if someone decided to host a temporary server for it on their home computer using a standard DSL "lite" connection.

In case you don't know there are quite a few things on this host, specifically GMOT (A very popular Game Maker Off Topic Forum, chronic's site and a few other sites like EO Community. So when do you guestimate everything coming back online. Chronic doesn't seem overly concerned so I think we can expect it back soon.

2 Responses

  1. Not cheap? It’s less than $5 USD/month. Gimme a break, a bloody server got cracked’s funny that you know all this information about PrimeHosting, yet have no idea that the servers are located in a datacentre..

  2. Since when did I say they wern’t located in a data centre. I certainly hope they would be. I said they were slow that day it was as IF someone was hosting it from home.

    Edit: And I certainly didn’t see any 5 dollar plans on their site…

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