Knightmare’s nightmare

Knighmare is a member of the Game Maker Community forums and has spent a while creating fake screenshots of a so called Game Maker "7.0 beta" that Mark supposedly  asked him to test. At first he released it trying to fool a smaller group of smarter individuals on the GMOT, but they saw right passed his foolish attempt and ignored it. The GMC however started to get a kick out of this, and after a while quite a few people were posting links to a site setup showing Knightmare's screenshots. What a nightmare, all of a sudden a bunch of novice (ie n00bs) started thinking it was real, and you can guess the rest, mini chaos for a while until a topic got posted and cleared it all up.

If you're interested in the screenshots:Image Editor of Fake GM7

Click here for the site everyone is linking to! 

Suggestions for next time:
– Pick a more believable number. We all know Mark is just about to start GM 6.2, why on earth would he have a beta ready for 7.0? Not to mention the fact that out of the 29,000 odd members of the GMC, why you? 😛


8 Responses

  1. I saw this yesterday.
    I just looked at it as a nice little joke.
    Anyway, it would be a bit to little to change for a hole
    new Gm version.

  2. is this because of my topic asking about that in the Community Forum?

  3. You see people bragging about having GameMaker version 7, 8 or even 9… but do they have GameMaker Banana version? Hell no!

  4. I know mark personnaly, and he even showed me the source code of 5.3! He said he wouldn’t show me any version 6, because of it being better. It is in a password protected folder with about a 100 files. Okay, you all know I’m lying, so yeah. I did see this the other day in his signature, but I new it was fake strait away.

  5. You said he is working on 6.2, but I saw on the site it said 6.1A.

  6. When i saw the yellow symbol, it told me it was fake straightaway. But it would be a nice change to have custom transparent colors and a polygon tool.
    Who knows, maaybe in the REAL one it might have it. It could even be implemented in an earlier version.

  7. It was easy to tell that it was a fake. He did tell abought some feaures that would be useful. We all know that the yellow GM symbol was a dead give away GM has only 3 symbols Red(most all versions) Blue(GMCand version 1.0 of GM) and Red and gold(4.0)

  8. The prophecy has been fulfilled XD well it may not be yellow and that different, it is 7.0 😀 gotcha!

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