Mark’s Timeline

Sometimes its nice to look back into the past, and put a timeline of events on paper to remember and reflect upon the hard work of others. Lets look at Mark Overmars,

  • YEAR OF 1999 – Mark Starts Game Maker (Animo)
  • FEB 28th 2000 – Mark releases Drawing for children, a small but nice, feature-full drawing program aimed at young kids.
  • MAY 29th 2000 – Mark releases Child Proof computer locking system
  • SEPTEMBER 2000 – Game Maker 2.0 released
  • Lego Robot Software released by Mark for programming Lego Robots. GUI resembles early GM versions.
  • EARLY 2001 – Game Maker 3 released (first to use DirectX)
  • JAN 2001 – Mark works on re-writing Game Maker from scratch
  • JUL 2001 – Game Maker re-written from scratch, version 4 released, not compatible with 3!
  • YEAR OF 2002 – Mark gets 750,000 downloads of Game Maker & Minor releases such as 4.2 and 4.3
  • EARLY 2003 – Mark starts asking for donations as so far GM has been a free program made on his spare time
  • APR 2003 – Game Maker 5.0 released!
  • AUG 2003 – Game Maker featured on TechTV (Almost crashing server with up to 5000 users trying to download the program at the same time!)
  • YEAR OF 2003 – Game Maker Community moved to (paid) IPB 🙂
  • SEPT-DEC 2003 – Versions 5.1 & 5.2 released and a total of 1,700,000 downloads!
  • APR 2004 – Game Maker 5.3 Released, Mark starts work on version 6.0
  • OCT 2004 – Game Maker 6 Released!!! (Direct 3D & more)
  • NOV 2004 – Forums too popular, moved to dedicated server
  • MAY 2005 – Game Maker 6.1 released with many improvements & changes to particle system
  • YEAR OF 2005 – Game Maker featured on G4TV, an Australian Education conference and throughout many School Competitions
  • YEAR OF 2006 – Mark's Book (The Game Maker's Apprentice) to be released soon, and soon after an update to Game Maker (version 6.2)

3 Responses

  1. You can just find all that info and more here:

  2. Yes, most of it can be found there. But I have added extra information such as other programs he has written, where as the Game Maker site is exclusively Game Maker.

  3. those stuff are also there
    just look, they are in the 1st paragragh or so

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