Random Avatar Hosting

I'm offering to host a limited amount of user's avatars with a  random php script so you can have a dynamic random Avatar from a group of images you provide.

If you're interested, please follow the instructions:
1) Convert all the images into .gif or .GIF format if they are not already (I will only accept GIF)

2) Email me at dynamic_avatar@scorpionsoftware.org

3) Name each image with a prefix and then a number
Example avy_1.gif, avy_2.gif etc. Include the prefix, and the exact number of images in the email.

4) If you plan on hosting the images on your own host include the url to the first image ie. prefix_1.gif. If you want me to host them, attatch them to the email.

5) Include your GMC username and any other relevant information. Send the email and wait for a reply.

Guide lines:
– If you want me to host your avatars, keep them under 6kb each and have no more than 10 images.
– No objectionable / inappropriate content
– If you host the images yourself, if you want, leave this optional message in your sig:

[i]Random Avatar Hosting by [url=http://www.scorpionsoftware.org]Scorptek[/url][/i]

Note: This is required by all users who host their images on Scorptek. If you remove this note from your signature, your avatar hosting will be terminated.

Enjoy. This is a trial run and is limited to a few members just to let you know.



One Response

  1. Cool, I may E-Mail you later when I get bored. 😛

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