April Fools :P

In general there were no major disruptions on the Game Maker Community forums this year due to the usual practical jokers posting their evil tricks on the universal April 1st fools day. However some Game Maker related fools jokes were reported and I thought I might share a couple..

On the GMC, a user was PMed with a note saying:

"It's all true. I just checked the Monster User/GMC Admin download out (it was actually released a few weeks ago) and truly, Mark Overmars has outdone himself. 6.2 is entering the realms of 3D game-development with some REALLY fantastic breakthroughs:

* Automatic Game Generator (automatically creates a game for you with a set of sprites)
* Built-in 3D Modeller
* Havok Physics Engine
* Employs Gamebryo Engine combined with the CryENGINE
* Real-time Volumetric cloud generation
* Real-time soft particle generator for sweet flames
* Spectrum and Bump Mapping capabilities
* Advanced fluffy textures, 2.0
* …and much much more.

You guys are going to love it once there is a public release."

What's worse is the receiving party almost believed him.

Another report was made about the Game Maker Showcase fooling around with their forum, doing everything from switching around administrator accounts as to confuse users, changing the skin to look like other popular Game Maker related forums, and changing the colours of moderator titles, as well as a fake spam attack (as GM-Scorpius reports). An announcement was made blaming the problems on a forum error, but their practical jokes were later revealed to a full forum of laughter.

Anything out of the ordinary happen to you on April 1st? Why don't you comment about it…


One Response

  1. I know this is old topic but…

    Heh my gm buds said they were deciding to quit our current project
    I was like “hey don’t i get a say in this??!?!”
    heh afte rabout 5 mins of complaining they told me april fools..
    And i told my bud Lief902 to post a day before that GameMaker-DS came back then on April 1st to post that it was a hoax, April fools :>

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