Smarty confirms “promise”

The previous article which had very little evidence to support it has now got some new information which confirm's the promise Chronic mentioned.

Smarty has posted explaining that it is too early to tell whether you'll have to re-register on the new board, but also says the administration/Mark are discussing ways of transfering user's accounts on the new forum (note this is not related to the new server which will switch without any noticeable difference).

There is also more information which backtracks to chronic's interview when he failed to mention whether the forum software would be upgraded. Smarty has revealed that yes it will be updated.

I'd also like to give a time-line of the events about to happen on the GMC

  1. Server will go down (within 24 hours of now)
    (forums will be unaccessible for up to a few days)
  2. Forums and databases will be moved to an entirely new (more powerful) server (completed in a few days)
  3. Forums will be up again to use as normal (few days, after move)
    no (or atleast very little) changes will be visible from the forum you see today to the one you'll see in a few days, it's mostly just a hardware upgrade.
  4. Mark's book to hit stores (couple months)
  5. GMC administration will create a brand new forum (few months)
    This includes an updated version of forum software. Whether you'll have to re-register on this new forum is still being debated.

Hope that clears all the confusion up. Remember to post comments if you have any. 


One Response

  1. In the end, we didn’t, I’m glad. I mean, I believe that since then I used a different user name, but for all those, what is it… (large number) people, I’m glad they didn’t have to.

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