GMC To Start Fresh!

Chronic has made an official announcement, some time after the forum has been moved to the new server, the GMC as we know it today will be locked up for good with read-only privillages. Users may still read and search for posts on the board, but these posts are not going to be carried over to the "New" GMC.

On personal interview with Chronic, he neglected to comment on the setup of the new board such as whether the board will be upgraded to a newer version, whether the administration plans on removing or adding any forums etc.
What we do no for fact is, that you'll have to re-register!!! So everybody get ready to start your engines cause its going to be a race to the finish to see what member number you get. It also means everyone will join within the same time period so there will be no way at first from distinguishing between someone who has visited the forums for 3 years and someone who joined the day the server moved.
So please comment, as you can see this will be the largest change the the GMC has ever experienced.

 Edit: Mark announced this might happen sometime in the coming weeks/months as for the server move, this start happening in the next 24-48 hours.


9 Responses

  1. I bet i’ll be like member number 10,000.. I MISS THE NUMBER 370! I’m really not happy about losing everything.


  2. Yeah, there’s some things that wont be good to lose, but… I’m certainly going to keep my post count. Heh.

  3. Mark ovemars:
    “This week we plan to change server. This will change nothing to the forum. ALL USERS REMAIN REGISTERED, all bans and warnings will stay in place, all topics and posts will remain available, etc. The move should be completely transparent to all of you. The forum will be down for a few days, then be up again and function as before, only (hopefully) without server busy messages”
    (link to thread:
    looks like we wont have to re-register anyway 😀

  4. OOPS 😛
    i didnt see you wrote”some time after the forum has been moved to the new server”

  5. Personal interview? rofl

  6. Ur a noob

  7. Will I lose my post count? unsure.gif

  8. Well, I’m pretty sure that we didn’t have too, It was a while ago though…

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