GMC Forum Cracking!?

There is still a lot of confusion as to what is happening with Smarty’s (A well known Global Moderator on the GMC) account on the Game Maker Community Forums. Apparently the account seems to be cracked and there is speculation about the cracker banning smarty’s account. Smarty has been removed from any Forum record including the member list, and moderator list. The question is do the crackers (we have reason to believe there are multiple) do any other damage? Do they actually have access to another account and are just using Smarty as a distraction for a larger cracking or possibly hacking? The other question is, are these crackers a part of the GMC? Or were they hired to crack/hack the GMC because of their cracking or hacking experience in PHP and other languages.

Edit: Sources explain Smarty made a request to have a temporary ban because of his account being cracked so further damage at the moment can not be done. Sources also say that a topic was posted within the last couple of days with password to people’s accounts.

Edit2: Sources say the cracking was carried out by getting Smarty to view a site which opens and records data stored in your cookies and saves it to a database for the cracker to see and potentially use to login to the forums. Apparently it may have been a user with the alias “cherry” who claimed to need help with an avatar issue.
Stay tuned for updates and post comments to this article if you have any.